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The Child Care Subsidy Calculator API (FY22 CCS Rates) is developed for Centre Based Day Care services who want to have an integrated CCS calculator for their centre website with the flexibility to customize the data input interface without embedding our online CCS calculator in a HTML Inline Frame element (iframe).

Please Note: Unless you have received written permission from us, you should not use this CCS API to provide any kind of commercial services to any third-party organizations other than using it on your centre's website no matter the service you provide is free or paid.

From July 2022 (FY2032) the Australian Government will increase CCS for certain families who are eligible for the Enhanced CCS. We have created a new API for the enhanced CCS. You need to create a process on your site to judge if a child is eligible for the enhanced CCS. If the child is eligible you can then call the Enhanced Child Care Subsidy Calculator API by passing the correct variables to it. Please refer to the instruction in the CCS Calculator API Code file on how to call the new Enhanced Child Care Subsidy Calculator API. You can see an example of Enhanced Child Care Subsidy Calculator API implementation.

In order to use our CCS Calculator API, you need to have an API key. If you haven't got an API key, please click on the "Get CCS Calculator API Key" button below to get one.

Get CCS Calculator API Key

If you already have an API key, you can get the API code by clicking on the "Get CCS Calculator API Code" button below.

Get CCS Calculator API Code

If you want to see how the API works please scroll down to find the "Calculate" button and click on it. It will show the result from the API in both JSON and HTML format.

The API is currently free to use and you only need to put a link (preferably right under your CCS calculator) back to our website using the code below:

<p>Powered by CCS API © <a href="" target="_blank">Child Care Subsidy Calculator</a></p>

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